LS Dissertation Topics Proposal

  • Healthy aging, environment and nature

  • Education of professionals in long-term care

  • History of dementia research in Prague - Pick, Fischer and others

  • PPI – participation of older persons in research

  • Post-diagnostic support for people with Alzheimer's disease or other types dementia.

  • Psychosocial interventions in dementia

  • Postacute care

  • Long-term care

  • Older people and technology - what do older people need?

  • People with cognitive impairment and technologies - where can they help?

  • Aging people with intellectual disability

  • Dementia - an image more than just clinical: senses, emotions, food, creativity, music, dance…

  • An environment for people with dementia, in what environment they thrive best?

  • Palliative care of persons with dementia

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