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Scientific research is an integral part of all programmes at the Faculty of Humanities, but it plays a pivotal role in Ph.D. studies:

  • Ph.D. study prepares students for future scientific work;

  • Ph.D. programmes are built on individual research that is guided by supervisors and other specialists;

  • Dissertation thesis must contain student's original research;

  • Students must publish in order to finish their Ph.D.

Science and research fall under the Department of Science and Research.

The base support of science and research for Ph.D. student

Ph.D. students can gain additional financial support thanks to project funding.

Institutional fundings:

institutional long-time support of a research organisation

e.g., Progres, SVV

COOPERATIO - is a new program of basic institutional support of science and research at Charles University for the period 2022 - 2026. The key document is rector's measure No. 18/2021


At FHS UK you can apply for support in the following scientific areas:

Special-purpose fundings:

grants for specific researches


Research Administration Office

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