Applications and Entrance Exams

Requirements for Admission to Doctoral Programmes

  • Applicants do not have to complete their master's degree when applying. A certified copy of the diploma or certificate of completion of master's study must be submitted during the enrollment, not later than by the end of September.

  • If you graduated abroad, you must apply for recognition of a foreign university degree and qualification (or nostrification).

  • There is no age limit for applying.

What do I need to do before I officially apply for Ph.D. studies?

  • Read the conditions and requirements for the admission procedure of your chosen study program.

  • Prepare the mandatory attachments that will be included in the study application.

  • Choose and contact a person you want to be your supervisor. The supervisor must be selected only from the approved list of supervisors, which can be found on the page of your chosen doctoral study program.

Application to Study

  • Enter the online application here. Online applications for study are always open from January to April 30.

  • You must cover the application fee. Its current price and bank details can be found here. It is impossible to start the application procedure in case of delayed payment. The fee is always non-refundable.

Mandatory attachments of application:

  • Each applicant must come up with their own dissertation topic, prepare and submit a dissertation project in about 3 - 4 standard pages (1800 characters per page). There is no specific form to be filled out. Every applicant should send a research project that reflects methodological and theoretical knowledge of their field.

  • Your professional CV.

  • Reference list that contains relevant literature you researched for your project.

  • The list of your publication activity, in case you have already published or in case it is required.

  • Other certificates, in case they are required.

Entrance Examination

  • The entrance examination to all doctoral programmes usually consists of a discussion on the topic of your dissertation project.

  • Some programmes also require an assessment of your language skills, your knowledge of methodology or other prerequisites for study.

  • These requirements are mentioned in the application for study in the part “Description of verification and evaluation criteria”.

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