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Ph.D. students must be motivated, have appropriate professional qualifications, be autonomous and be able to work on their own. They should be active, responsible, and fulfill their duties according to their individual study plan.

Students responsibilities

  • A student must fulfil duties of their doctoral programme of study according to the Study and Examination Code of Charles University, and internal rules of both university and faculty;

  • must use SIS (Student Information System) to create their individual study plan and consult it with their supervisor;

  • must use SIS (Student Information System) for annual evaluation of their progress;

  • must be in regular contact with their supervisor or consultant;

  • must inform faculty about the change of their address or data box.

Students rights

  • A student can request a change of their individual study plan. The change needs to be approved by their supervisor and subject-area board of a doctoral programme of study.

  • A student has a right to ask the dean to change their form of study.

  • A student has a right to ask the dean to interrupt their study.

  • A student can request a change of the topic of their dissertation thesis. The change needs to be approved by the supervisor and subject-area board of their doctoral programme of study.

  • A student has a right to appeal against the dean's decision in a 30 days period counted from the date of the delivery of decision.

Guarantor of a study programme

Guarantor is an academic worker and the head of the subject-area board. With their name and specialisation, the guarantor guarantees quality and functionality of the doctoral programme.

FHS CUNI study programmes guarantors

Subject-area board

Subject-area board bears the main responsibility for content and realisation of a doctoral programme. Every doctoral programme of study has its own subject-area board. Members of a subject-area board are appointed and withdrawn by the rector.

  • Subject-area board can submit suggestions for approval to the dean. It communicates with students, supervisors, consultants and executives of the faculty;

  • reviews and approves individual study plan and its changes;

  • evaluates the execution of individual study plan of students, at least once a year;

  • approves the change of dissertation thesis.

Subject-area boards at FHS CUNI


Supervisor or dissertation thesis advisor is an academic or researcher who, thanks to their qualification and experience, guarantees proper guidance for a student for the whole time of their study.

A supervisor actively cooperates with a student, not only on the framework and topic of the dissertation thesis, but also helps the student's own research activities and guides them to gain experience in their field.

A supervisor and a student cooperate on a student's individual study plan and they send it to the subject-area board of a doctoral programme of study for approval.

A supervisor uses SIS (Student Information System) for at least annual evaluation of student's work set out in their individual study plan.

In case a supervisor must or wishes to cease a cooperation with a student, the student is obliged to find a new supervisor. If the student fails in searching for a new supervisor, the subject-area board of a doctoral programme of study will assign a supervisor on their own.

A student can change their supervisor, the name of the new supervisor and their approval should be a part of an official written request.

The subject-area board of a doctoral programme of study for approval is going to either approve or disapprove the request and then propose the change to the dean.

How to choose a supervisor?

An applicant must choose their supervisor from the approved list of supervisors that can be found on the page of their chosen doctoral programme of study. This must be done during the application. If you don't know whom to address, it is best to ask the guarantor of the study programme for help. It is important to supply the guarantor with your dissertation project so they can help you to choose the best supervisor for your topic.

If you have already chosen your supervisor before the application, it is necessary to ask them for supervision. The supervisor needs to confirm their role (email confirmation suffices). In this case the applicant has the opportunity to consult their project before the application and possibly change it to make it more defensible.


Consultant is an esteemed expert who is able to guide a student and to help a supervisor to fulfil their role. A consultant cannot replace the supervisor.

They can be recommended by the supervisor or chosen by the student from the ranks of experts in their field.

They are usually not from the same workplace as the supervisor. It is also possible to have a consultant that is not an employee of Charles University. A consultant shares responsibility for realisation of a student's doctoral project.

A consultant is assigned and withdrawn by the dean after a suggestion made by the subject-area board.

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