Confirmation of Study Letter

If you need a study confirmation, you have the following options:

1) Electronic confirmation - you can generate it from the SIS yourself, after logging in, click on "Personal data" -> "Print confirmation", then choose the relevant document and select "PDF with a digital signature".

2) If you need a physical copy, please visit the Doctoral Study Department during office hours.

Confirmation of study for visa extension

A student can receive a confirmation of study for the new academic year only after submitting the annual study evaluation, i.e. the end of September at the earliest!

The confirmation of study for the extension of stay is issued for the current academic year with the note that if the student properly completes the year, he/she will continue to study in the upcoming academic year that begins on October 1.

Please note that confirmations are generated from the Study Information System, are officially approved by the rectorate, and cannot be edited.

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