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Supervisors of PhD programmes

  • Supervisor is a researcher or faculty member who, thanks to their specialization and experience, guarantees proper guidance for the whole time of the study.

  • The supervisor and student actively cooperate not only on the concept of the student's dissertation thesis but also on the student's research and specialization..

  • The supervisor helps the student to create an individual study plan (ISP) and forwards it to the subject-area board for approval.

  • The supervisor regularly (at least annually) reviews and assesses the student's ISP in SIS. The supervisor’s assessment is a prerequisite to subject-area board decisions about the annual approval of ISP.

  • In case the supervisor and/or student don't want to cooperate anymore, the student is obliged to find a new supervisor. In case the student is unable to find a suitable candidate, the subject-area board chooses a new supervisor.

  • It is possible to ask for a change of supervisor. In such a case, the student's request must contain the name and signed agreement of the new supervisor.

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