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Fundings - Bursaries/Scholarships

Students can ask for contributions from the national budget for education, research, innovation, art, and other creative activities, for subsidies from the national budget, from the bursary fund, or from other resources.

Doctoral Bursary

  • Every full-time student of the doctoral study programme is, in case there are no obstacles, awarded a doctoral scholarship of 10 500 to 25 000 CZK monthly, in accordance with Scholarship and Bursary Rules.

  • The doctoral scholarship is paid from the national budget fund and is transferred to the student via electronic bank transfer to the account at the number which the student filled in the Student Information System (SIS). This payment is periodical and goes backwards (the student receives a payment for their previous month). The first payment for October is received in the middle of November. Payments proceed through the months of July and August (summer holiday) as well.

  • The scholarship is free of personal income tax.

  • The amount of scholarship decided by the Subject-area board. This decision is based on students' accomplishments and it can be raised, lowered, or denied.

Václav Havel Scholarship

  • This scholarship is awarded to foreign students from countries under repressive and totalitarian regimes. Funding is facilitated directly by Charles University. See further.

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