Semiotics and Philosophy of Communication

Form of study: full-time or combined

Standard study period: 4 years

Description of the Field of Study

The Study Programme is interdisciplinary and requires knowledge of basic theoretical concepts and methods of various social sciences, which are necessary for the complex study of communication problems (philosophy, semiotics, media and communication studies, sociology, psychology, cognitive sciences). Students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the traditional lines of the study of both world and Czech semiotics, and consequently to acquire the latest theoretical knowledge, which they will then be able to independently reflect upon critically, further develop and apply in various areas of social life, including their virtual components. They also acquire the skills required for their own empirical research and practical work linked with the issue of communication.

The uniqueness of this programme lies in combining philosophy with media and communication issues. The philosophical basis becomes an integrating starting point for the study of communication processes taking place in contemporary society and which, to a great extent, determine its nature. It is becoming apparent that philosophically conceived semiotics is well equipped to penetrate the sphere of communication processes in its entirety including the area of digital networks. At the same time, it appears that the study of these processes can only be ensured by a philosophical programme that is not based on a standard accentuation of historicizing approaches, but emphasizes the adoption and application of methodological tools of semiotic and communication theories. The uniqueness of this programme is also demonstrated in connection with the emphasis it puts on the study of visual components of communication. Finally yet importantly, analysis of semiosis, mediation and communication processes extends to reveal the manipulative nature of some media discourse procedures, and this contributes to the specific characteristics of the Study Programme.

The Study Programme prepares highly qualified experts who are able to apply the methodological and conceptual tools of semiotics, philosophy and theory of communication to the analysis of social, cultural and media phenomena of contemporary society. Graduates are ready to analyse the nature and social effects of processes taking place in the area of digital networks.


Tuition fee for the program is 700 € per year.

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Application available for full-time and combined form of study here

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