HS Dissertation Topics Proposal

The proposed topics of dissertations are presented in a general form. In individual dissertation projects, these topics will be specified and transform into concrete form.

- Theory of social change, its current forms and problems

- Development and changes of modernization theory

- Comparative analysis of modernization processes and their individual aspects

- Contemporary capitalism, variants of its development and functioning

- Comparative analysis of industrialism and post-industrialism

- Historical development, forms and manifestations of rationality and rationalization

- Comparative civilization analysis in terms of cultural and religious plurality

- Genesis and development of civil society

- Analysis of the processes of formation of the modern state and nation

- Nationalism and its role in the creation of the state and nation

- The formation of national identity, its components and role today and during the formation of a modern nation

- Modern democracies and aspects of their development in terms of historical sociology

- Totalitarianism, theory and concrete experience

- Post-socialist transformation and its aspects

- Forms and changes of social conflicts

- Politics and power in historical-sociological point of view

- Historical-sociological analysis of international relations

- Globalization and the world system, development and perspectives

- Historical comparative sociology of Europe

- Arabian Spring and comparative historical sociology

- Migration, refugees, diasporas and challenges for historical sociology

- Culture and everyday life in historical-sociological perspective

- Socio-historical development in the field of entertainment, sports and leisure

- The question of the relationship between small and large histories

- Issues of elites, leaders and great personalities in terms of historical sociology

- Collective memory and historical consciousness

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