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4 March 2024


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Applications can only be submitted online, the entry to the application is here: https://tarantula.ruk.cuni.cz/FHSDSEN-45.html.

Mandatory attachments of application

  • The research project - about 3-4 standard pages (1800 characters per page). There is no specific form to be filled. Every applicant should send a research project that reflects methodological and theoretical knowledge of their field.

  • Professional CV.

  • The reference list that contains relevant literature you researched for your project.

  • The list of your publication activity, in case you have already published or in case it is required.

  • Other certificates, in case they are required.

  • Choose and contact a person you want to be your supervisor. The supervisor has to be chosen from the approved list of supervisors that can be found on the page of your chosen doctoral programme of study.

  • All of the above must be done by midnight of April 30. 2024.

What does the entrance examination consist of?

The entrance examination of all doctoral programmes usually consists of a discussion on the topic of your dissertation project.

Some programmes also require an assessment of your language skills, your knowledge of methodology or other prerequisites for study. These requirements are mentioned in the application for study in the part “Description of verification and evaluation criteria".

How to choose a supervisor?

An applicant must choose a supervisor from the approved list of supervisors, which can be found on the page of the chosen doctoral study program. This must be done during the application process. If you don't know whom to address, it is best to ask for help from the guarantor of the study program. Supplying your dissertation project to a guarantor is essential to help you choose the best supervisor for your topic.

Contact for the guarantor or supervisor can be found in the section APPLICANTS_Study programs_More about the program.

If you have already chosen your supervisor, it is necessary to ask them for supervision. The supervisor needs to confirm their role (email confirmation suffices). In this case, the applicant can consult the project before the application and possibly change it to make it more defensible.

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